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Cows enjoy late spring pasture While many Lowline operations are heavily involved with showing their cattle in order to make a name for themselves, we have chosen a different path. We let our steaks do our talking. We believe that ultimately, a cow breed is only worth what its meat will bring. That is why we selected the Lowline Angus and COULD NOT be happier with the results.

Lowlines are proven to produce a quality carcass on nothing but grass. Since they have been bred for nearly half a century to be the best grass finishers on the planet, this is not a surprise. This is bad news for the CAFO (Concentrated animal feeding operation). A wonderful, healthy, all-natural steak on nothing but grass.

Lowlines are more efficient than other breeds. In very simple terms, 2 Lowlines eat the same as one commercial cow, and produce 120% of the meat. So you get 20% more meat for your inputs.

Finally, Lowlines are just a pleasure to work with. Their friendliness and smaller stature make them VERY easy on fences, corrals, and the pastures. It truly opens up beef-raising to anyone with a couple of acres.

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