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2 years running...Every steer we have sold has graded "Choice" on nothing but grass. Also, every customer we have served, has continued to be a customer. Results like those speak for themselves.

Why should you eat grass-fed beef?

1) Healthier for you.
Study after study has shown that grass fed beef is MUCH healthier than the modern CAFO (Concentrated animal feeding operation) produced meat. Grass fed cattle produce far higher levels of healthy Omega-3 oils like the ones in fish. These are the oils that you should be eating, not the Omega-6 oils which clog your arteries. Doesn't it just make sense that an animal eating its natural diet would be healthier and provide healthier meat? Additionally, our meat contains no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Just 100% natural meat the way nature intended.

HEALTHY meat you can feel good about eating! 2) Better on the environment.
Just imagine the crowded, dirty mess that is produced by a CAFO with tens of thousands of cattle. CAFOs build huge lakes to "Control" the hundreds of thousands of gallons of waste. Why would you eat something that came from such a place?

3) More humane for the animals
Being given nothing but grain for months in a CAFO can make cattle sick. The cows are eating an un-natural diet and must be given drugs so they won't get ill from eating nothing but grain. Second, just imagine being confined with 10,000 other cows in a small pen. ALL CAFO cattle MUST be fed antiboitics just so they won't get sick while being fed due to the filthy conditions.

4) Supports local farmers.
You get the chance to know WHERE your food actually comes from. Also, that the animals are healthy and happy and FREE of anti-biotics, hormones, and steroids.

Our pricing for this year is $3.50 lb. hanging weight which is very competitive with supermarket prices. We can sell you a steer that you process yourself, or we can have the meat processed at the University of Idaho's USDA approved meat processing facility which is nearby.

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