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About Troy Creek

Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills outside of Moscow Idaho. Our mission here at Troy Creek is to produce all-natural food the way nature intended. This means quality, healthy beef that can be grown on nothing but grass, and fruits and vegetables that can be grown without petroleum based fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. We produce our food how it was done for thousands of years before the small farm disappeared, and industrial agriculture became the norm. Dare we say...The way nature intended.

Moms and calves enjoy a nap in lush spring pasture.

After much research, we settled on the Lowline Angus breed of cattle, because we discovered that this ancient heritage breed is ideal for small or medium size grass fed cattle operation. They create an extremely high quality steak on nothing but grass. They are great mothers, very hearty, and small and easy to handle. In addition, they have NOT been corrupted by the "Feed lot" breeding programs of the last 50-75 years which forces almost all commercially bred cattle to be fed grain in feedlots or else the meat will be tough and nearly inedible. We highly recommend that you visit our Grass Fed Beef page to learn more.

The last two years we have expanded our operation to include a Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) fruit and vegetable program. This was a natural next step to compliment our Grass Fed Beef Program. We spent 3 years creating literally TONS of all organic compost, and adding it to our 2 acre garden BEFORE we ever planted a seed. The results have been predictable; A heavy producing, thriving garden without the need for petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Additionally, We use no hybrid or genetically Modified seeds(FrankenFood). We produce only 100% heirloom fruits and vegetables. These are the foods that have been a part of our countries heritage for hundreds of years, and that Grandma gave you as a child. If you have NEVER tasted an heirloom tomato, you are in for a genuine treat.

So whether you're here to look at our Lowlines, grass fed beef, or our CSA produce program...Welcome and enjoy. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions, and don't forget to eat local.

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