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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

A CSA joins consumers with local farmers, enabling the consumer to know where their food comes from, and how it is produced. With all the food recalls and illnesses that have been reported recently coming out of the factory farms, we understand why the CSA movement is booming across America.

Locally raised heirloom vegetables! How a CSA works
Once a week you will receive a basket of fresh produce out of our large garden(Currently 2 acres). You will receive whatever is ripe that week. One week you might get freckled bib lettuce, Kentucky Wonder green beans, John Baer tomatoes, Amish melon and Northern Spy apples. Another week you might receive French Breakfast radishes, Brandywine tomatoes, Blue Hubbard squash, Moon-n-Stars watermelon, and rosy gage plums. Each week is a surprise.

This year we are growing 42 types of heirloom vegetables, 25 different types of heirloom fruit trees which include apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches, apricots, and nectarines. and 6 different varieties of blueberries. Membership will be $20 per week for a family box, $10 for a single box throughout the harvest season. This will include a generous box that is larger than what you would pay at the grocery store for an inferior product.

A few things to consider
We use no Genetically Modified seeds(FrankenFood).

Locally raised heirloom fruits! We use No petroleum fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides like those used routinely on industrial farms...Only compost which we create here on our own farm.

We produce only 100% heirloom fruits and vegetables. They won't last for weeks while they are trucked across the country, or brought in on boats from across the world. They can only be found on local farms.

Grocery store produce is grown to "Last" and "Look Good". Flavor is not important. That is why those tomatoes in the grocery stores have so little flavor and some refer to them as "Cardboard" tomatoes.

Have you ever wondered how safe foods brought to America from Mexico, China, and across the world really are, or how vegetables from South America and Asia can be shipped on boats and still be fresh?

We apologize, but membership for this year is full at this time. Depending on the volume of harvest, we may have a spot or two left as we head into summer or if someone cancels. Contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list.

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